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Dinner, Dinner, Dinner Time.... This is a teensy gallery from my first afternoon in Cozumel. I had been up all night... literally and they lost my luggage... Notice the smile I have on my face anywho! For some reason I find it really difficult to smile in warm sunny places... Shucks.
This album was from my first full day in Cozumel. I wandered around town, got my bearings, and tried to get better so I could go scuba diving. Cozumel was pretty neat from first glance.
This is the photo gallery from my trip to Chichen Itza. There's pictures of a beautiful cenote that we stopped to go swimming at beforehand, and pictures from the temple of Kulkulkan and the temple of Chac Mool or Warriors (Los Guerreros. Chichen Itza was originally created by the Mayans who were conquered by the Toltecs around 900 BC. What's amazing is that their time temple, the temple of Kulkulkan or El Castillo, was completed in the year 250 AD without the aid of pack animals that assisted other cultures in their rise to greatness.

This album is actually photographed in San Francisco during the protest for the Beijing olympics when the Olympic Torch made it's way through San Francisco. Mayor Newsom diverted the torch route @ the last minute so we never saw the Torch. It felt good to stand up for something we believe in, though. M.C. holding up a sign
Port of San Francisco This gallery is from the Sunset Halloween Boat Party 2008! It includes four video clips. Enjoy!
This is from an actual, authentic, genuine, real live Halloween House party. Only a few pictures here but they are cool. It's Raggedy Ann!

In The Studio

Ros Atkins and Producer Mark with KALW General Manager Matt Martin during a live question/answer show about BBC World Have Your Say.

Photographs taken by Chris Knight, Armando Cabrera, Casey Currier, Ilan Rosenthal, and Duane Williams.
Images scanned in courtesy of Andrea Drane.
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