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This is the Musee Rodin. The Musee Rodin is primarily an outdoor sculpture garden (there are two small indoor buildings with exhibits also). The garden displays sculpture from Rodin and his student and lover Camille Claudet. It seems as if their love will last forever.
This isn't a Paris photo album. I just recently photographed the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco. Some of the pictures are soft. The colors are astounding. They had a special orchid exhibition.
This is my photo album from the Eglise Saint Sulpice. These are not as good as I would have hoped. But they are low-light shots and it's difficult to shoot with digital cameras because they hold the lens open for longer. There's still a few good shots though.
Lizard Lounge. Here are a few photos from the Lizard Lounge where I DJed. It features a cool crowd, great vibe, and the best bar keeps in town.
This is my Chateau Versailles photo album. I went out and photographed the grounds when it was sunny one time. But it was too late to get a ticket to see the grounds. During the winter it's only open from 12-5 PM and you have to have a ticket no later than 1 PM. I returned a second time to photograph the inside of the palace. Some interesting things about the palace: You were not allowed to photograph the queens bed chamber where seventeen children were birthed (approximately... give or take a few kiddies). They gave birth in public to stall idle gossip concerning kid-swappage.
View the hall of battles with me in this video!!

View the gardens in this video.

Photographs taken by Chris Knight, Armando Cabrera, Casey Currier, Ilan Rosenthal, and Duane Williams.
Images scanned in courtesy of Andrea Drane.
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