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This is my NYC photo album. I arrived late on the night of 4 November and flew out to Paris in the late afternoon of 6 November 2005. The skyline is the primary feature here. The weather was beautiful. Blue skies and puffy clouds are reflected in the buildings. I shot several videos of breakdancing in Times Square.

Just Breakin'
Still Breakin'

This one is the best:
Kickin' bootay breakin'??!!

This is my Paris Flat Photo Album. It's teensy. I figured out that I could take pics of myself so I hammed it up just a small bit. So this is just a few photos of the flat and me hamming it.

This is my Notre Dame photo album. Notre Dame takes your breath away every time you see it. It's a gothic masterpiece. It's unbelievable that such a masterpiece could be built so long ago. I shot Notre Dame both at day and at night. For right now, this is just the initial shots at night. The night time shots are mostly pretty fuzzy. I was just learning the camera and what I'm doing in general. The day time shots are most righteous. It was hard for me to choose a day or night shot as my favorite. 

The photo names are fairly "tongue in cheek" regarding the saints and the apocalypse. There are Saints floating above the left and right of the double-doors. I believe the headless Saint is Saint Stephen. Above the doors are scenes.   Above the middle doors is the apocalypse or second judgement.

I shot this video from in front of the Palais de Justice to Notre Dame at night.

Here's another video from the left [gauche] with sunny blue skys and clouds. Anywho. I hope you like them!!! It will be patently obvious how much I love this church.

This album hosts shots of the river Seine. The River Seine is the source of many beautiful views in Paris. The river Seine cuts the city in half.

This is my Place de La Concorde photo album. Place de la Concorde was the site of the guillotine during the French revolution. 1343 aristocrats lost their lives here. After the revolution it was renamed from place  de la Revolution to place of peace.


Photographs taken by Chris Knight, Armando Cabrera, Casey Currier, Ilan Rosenthal, and Duane Williams.
Images scanned in courtesy of Andrea Drane.
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